What is SURF FOOD?

Our passion is making healthy food products, that adhere to the highest standards at every step in the cycle of food, from soil to fork (and back!)

Our promise is to raise the bar for what it means to create products fit for human consumption.

Source matters

Where food comes from is just as important as what it is. Before we can eat food, food needs to eat too. It feasts on the tiny microorganisms in the soil and that is what we are after at the end of the line. It’s not that beautiful piece of salad, it’s what lives in it. And to get the most out of food, the soil needs to be healthy and rich with nutrients.

That is why we foster connections in local farming communities who use agricultural techniques that respect the soil and biodiversity of land.

If you run such a endeavor, please get in touch.

CO2 reduction

We are not big fans of climate change, the destruction of the biosphere or the sixth mass extinction knocking on our door. That is why reducing CO2 emissions is high on our list of priorities. By endorsing our products, you are choosing to help in this mission.

Bio-mimicry packaging

We are looking for biodegradable packaging solutions, that could sustain a decent shelf life of live cultured products.

We are looking for help in this field, write to design@surfin.si